Food Tours in Wexford

Wexfords newest thing to do is food tours!

Our food Tours run regularly throughout the year, each one is unique. What you will see on your day of gastro gallivanting all depends on the season, any special events on at that time and what food provider has something special to show.


Below are our private tours, suitable for small groups of up to 4 to 8 people and priced at €155 per person.

If you would like to book a spot on one of our open tours, head over to Taste Wexford to find out when our next tour is running!

You can expect to visit a minimum of three sites per tour peppered with stops at some of our famed independently owned farm shops, grocers or bakeries.

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O'Neills dry cure bacon company food tour
New Ross Food Tour

Ballyminane Mill

Take a step back in time and visit Ireland’s only authentic water powered mill, Est. 1832 and home to its unique Stoneground Wholemeal flour.  Meet with the Miller, John Murphy who will take you on the tour of the three mills, the corn mill is the only one not still in use. But the Flour Mill and Saw Mills are still going strong.


During your visit, John will give you a demonstration of the traditional milling process that is still been used today.  As well as explaining the history of the Mill and how important it once was to the local community.


The place truly is a time capsule, and John intends to keep it that way, using only traditional methods to maintain the 185 year old Mill  while still producing the finest Stone Ground flour, Enniscorthy was once famous for.

O’Neills Dry Cure Bacon


Established in 2005 by Butcher Pat O’Neill, this family business is growing in strength to strength.


Frustrated by shrinking bacon, Pat began curing his own bacon using the old ways. Hand rubbing a traditional family dry cure mix of sea salt and sugar into every piece of meat (they only use Irish Pork).  The meat is then allowed to cure naturally for up to 3 weeks. During this time the meat is turned regularly and the cure is reapplied.


The result a delicious bacon that doesn’t shrink as it contains less water and no phosphates.

Your tour takes you through the process step by step with commentary by Mary O’Neill and finishes with samples of the best bacon you’ll ever taste!

Ballyhack Smoked Salmon

Micheal Walsh has a lifetime of experience fishing off Wexfords Coast, having grown up in the industry he has seen many changes over the past few decades particularly.

He became determined not to see a complete decline of the once thriving Smoked Fish Industry of Ballyhack, dating back as far as the Vikings. So, using a traditional Smokehouse, now over 80 years old, the best beechwood chippings and using only organic or free-range Salmon and Trout, Micheal supplies his fish to many local hotels, restaurants and shops. Winning many National and International Food Awards along the way!

On your tour here, Micheal will take you through the process from Filleting to packaging explaining why it takes his fish, up to 3 days to Smoke compared to the hours it takes a modern commercial smoker!

He’ll also take you through the history behind the Industry and the changes he has seen in his lifetime.


Colclough Walled Garden

This might seem like a strange one to see on a food tour, however, this wonderful 200 year old Kitchen Garden is exploring something very special!

Our Georgian landlords were very fond of the finer things in life and in their time that often meant fresh exotic fruits along with a wide array of seasonal vegetables, salads and native fruits.

Colclough Gardens once fed the Colcough Family of Tintern, the gardens lay abandoned for many years, but in 2010, a team of horticulturists led by Project Manager Alan Ryan painstakingly restored the gardens to their former glory.

Today it produces a huge amount of food all grown using the same organic methods used by the original gardeners over 200 years ago!

The glasshouse produces grapes, cucumbers and melons, surrounded by plenty of root vegetables and an abundance of fruit and berry trees heavy with fruit from August on.

Using a donation box method, many savvy locals purchase their vegetables and fruit here, all picked early in the morning

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Macamore Buffalo Farm

Macamore Buffalo Farm opened here in Wexford in 2016 by Liam Byrne a 4th generation farmer along with his wife Sinead.

Although the farm has gone through many changes, from dairy in the 1970’s to beef and sheep in the 80’s and 90’s one thing has remained constant, animals grazing the land.

In keeping with that tradition, the Byrnes are doing the same.  But they decided to do something new and exciting, raise water buffalo!
The Water Buffalo is a multipurpose animal.  Having been domesticated for over 5,000 years, the buffalo have been used for draft, meat, and milk. At least 130 million domestic water buffalo exist, and more people depend on them than on any other domestic animal.

Liam will walk you around the farm, showing off the huge but oddly endearing beasts, explaining what it is life to farm Buffalo and the benefits of their meat over beef

Wheelocks Fruit Farm

Established in 1950, Wheelocks is one of Wexfords oldest and best known Strawberry Farms, their signature Roadside stalls are a sure sign summer is on its way!

Now under the guardianship of the second generation, Cyril and Margeret Wheelock, they are opening their doors to the public for the first time.

Your tour here, by Margaret Wheelock will take you through the various growing tunnels as you discover the history of fruit farming in Wexford, the different breeds of strawberries and their uses with plenty of samples along the way!

Not just strawberries though, the Wheelocks also grow plenty of other berries from Raspberries to currants and during the months surrounding Halloween you can purchase any amount of pumpkins too!

Before you leave you will be able to fill a punnet of delicious ripe berries to enjoy later!


Regan Organic Produce

The Regan Farm, run by Mary Regan along with her sisters is well known among food lovers for their plump delicious poultry and pork.

The Farm is completely organic and the animals and birds have a huge amount of space to wander around in, with some fantastic views of the surrounding countryside!

When Mary inherited the farm from her father, she built on her knowledge from working in the animal food industry to change the family farm into what it is today. Raising a mixture of poultry from Hens to Turkeys to Ducks, with a large skein of pet geese too!

There is also a herd of Tamworth pigs and a small herd of Angus Cattle.

Two Alpacha are residents of the farm too, however, these guys have a much more important job, theirs is to guard the birds from sneaky foxes roaming the farm!

YOur tour will take you on a loop of the farm, meeting all the animals and learning about the benefits of organic farming for everyone, the animals, the consumers and the environment as a whole

Cleverman Brewery

Here in Wexford, we have two Breweries and Cleverman is a firm favourite by many!

Head brewer Malcolm and his wife Andrea brew four beers in their small Micro Brewery in Wexford Town, one beer, 2 ales and a delicious Turf Smoked Stout.

Available in many of the hotels and bars in Wexford, this brewery is fast becoming recognised for their superior brews. Working with many other members of the Wexford Food Family, they can be found paired with many products from Macamore Buffalo to Redmonds Beef.

On your tour, Malcolm will take you through the brewing process and afterwards you can sample each brew as Malcolm explains the thought process behind each one, their unique names and of course, the ingredients!


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Wexford is a large county with much ground to cover, and so to break this up, we also stop at some of our best known Farm Shops Where you can purchase little things like farmhouse butter, Raw Milk, any amount of Fruit Preserves, Chutneys and Relishes and a locally made Bean & Goose or Zaire Chocolate and freshly baked bread!

We will also stop for lunch in one of the many restaurants that support the Taste Wexford initiative so you can sample bread made from Ballyminane Flour, our famous seafood dishes or award winning cheeses!

Click here to send an enquiry and we will respond within the hour!

The places you visit on your tour depend on the producer’s availability and the time of year, however, if you wish to book a particular type of food producer or farm please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Tours are small and privately booked, for groups of four or more the price is €155 per person. For solo travellers and groups of two or three people please enquire!

Salty Malty & Sweet Fridays

On selected dates throughout May to September, we will be hosting an extra special tour focusing on Chocolate, Bacon and Beer!

A 2 hour chocolate Workshop with Artisan Chocolatiers Bean & Goose. Karen and Natalie will invite you into their farmhouse for an intimate workshop on creating your own chocolate bar, using ingredients either grown or foraged around the farmhouse.

A behind the scenes tour of O’Neills Dry Cure Bacon, you may not discover what their secret recipe is, but you’ll enjoy trying to find out!

A tour and samples at the Cleverman Brewery in Wexford Town, all four craft beers come with a tale to be told and a taste to be savoured


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