Bespoke and Customized Tours

Booking a customised tour should be an easy experience and I try to make it so.

To begin your journey send me an email detailing the following…

  • Some information on the group, is it family, a group of friends or work colleagues etc
  • When are you due to arrive and how long are you staying in the area (I can alert you to any special events like festivals that are only advertised locally)
  • What sort of things are you interested in seeing? Castles, lush countryside, traditional thatched cottages, military forts, the film sets from Braveheart or Saving Private Ryan? There is so much to see! Check out the other pages on this site for inspiration!
  • Finally let me know of any dietary restrictions, allergies and if you would rather an alcohol-free alternative to the complimentary whiskey?

I will draw up an itinerary and send it to you, together we make a few tweaks and thats it!

Typically my clients prefer to make the tour all inclusive of entry fees and lunch but should you prefer, I can leave that to you and just charge you the driver guide fee.

I will send you on an itemised invoice, you can either pay a 50% deposit and the remainder in cash on the day of your tour or the full amount whichever you prefer.

Payments can made via Paypal, bank transfer or through Stripe

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