Irelands Ancient Crafts

Below you will find a number of really unique and fun experiences to be had while staying in the south-east.  These packages have, for the most part, come about while fulfilling somebodies wish list. So if there is something you have always wanted to do, then get in touch and let me make it a reality!

Finin Liam Christie is a blacksmith based in the village of Coolgreany, just an hour outside Dublin. Following in the footsteps of his grandfather who was a Master Blacksmith for the Irish Railways, he is a highly regarded expert on the traditional methods of Smithing. His one-on-one workshops, held at his Forge, behind his home are always a lot of fun, and you can make anything you choose! Click the image to find out more..


Bataireacht is the ancient art of Stick Fighting, a martial art unique to Ireland. Traditionally made with Hawthorn, painted black. The art has seen an upswing in popularity over the past few years as this weapon has a dual-use as a walking stick!  The story behind them is a truly fascinating one, with links to faeries, Robin Hood and the American Railway! There are many gimmick ones available to purchase in tourist shops, but the real deal are made in the village of Shillelagh, by Liam O Caidhla, whose family have been making sticks for generations. Liams fighting Sticks are sold all over the world from his small workshop. If you would like to visit it and be measured for a walking stick that also acts as a “cudgel”  click the image to find out more!

Visit Liam in the village of Shillelagh

Irish Celtic Spirituality as a belief system has grown in popularity over the last number of years. A return to the ancient practices of our ancestors allows us to get closer to the land, and in turn, understand our selves better. A combination of mindfulness, ancient Irish shamanic traditions and meditation using tools that grow in the wild, allows the individual to enter a place of stillness and healing that nourishes the mind and soul. Click the image to find out more

Victorias Way

Celtic Handfastings are a wonderful way of bonding a couple in marriage in a traditional ceremony dating back thousands of years. A very personal and inclusive ceremony, typically held outside in a forest, a beach or wild gardens, they can be huge with many participants or just the couple and the officiant. Click the image to discover more


If you have a wish, something you would really like to do while visiting Ireland, get in touch. Flying a small plane, horseriding, exploring a castle alone, whatever it might be! If it is possible I will arrange it for you!

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